District Convention



Tattoo You!

Here’s a partial list of potential 2017 Convention themes: Disney Princesses, Roaring Twenties, Tattoo Parlor, Paris Nights.  What would you pick?  Princesses? Too cute, too sexist.  Roaring Twenties?  Too dated and you’d really need costumes and they’re expensive.  Tattoo parlor? Too edgy, too outside the box.  Paris Nights. Ugh, sounds like a prom theme.  

How would you do a tattoo parlor? What would the decorations look like?  And now that we think about it, what is too “edgy” for Key Club?   Add in that it’s “not your parents’ theme” and Key Club Ink sounds pretty good! And our board has never looked back. In fact, we began looking forward to a radically different, majorly improved Convention!

A Friday night mixer that guarantees more person-to-person introductions! Plans to have a different District work project!  A “vintage T-shirt market” that is a fundraiser! And more surprises! Plus, DCon will still have Key Clubbers from all over the state sharing project ideas, making new friends, attending the Saturday night dance, entering the impromptu essay contest, catching up with people they met at Fall Rally, attending challenging workshops and all the other activities that make the Key Club District Convention a unique experience.

The more people at the convention, the better time for all! Your club should begin recruiting people for the talent contest. Hold elections and have the officers-elect attend training sessions! Get your younger members introduced to broader Key Club opportunities! Nominate candidates from your club to run for positions on the District Board!

Reserve rooms and register now for Key Club Ink, the 2017 Kansas District Convention at the Wichita Marriott March 17-19.  Recruit friends from your club, register by March 3rd and plan to have a great time!